MAGNETIC THERAPY : to relieve joint and muscle pain

Relieve your joint and muscle pain thanks to magnet therapy. Auris, magnetic therapy specialist proposes a wide range of magnetic therapy products to get a good night's sleep, to maintain or regain your overall wellbeing and to relieve joint pain. Check out also Auris' magnetic beauty range. Auris has also developed a whole range of magnetic products for your horse, dogs & cats and even for honey bees...

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Magnetic Back Support Belt Actiflux®  - New model Magnetic Back Support Belt Actiflux® - New model The Actiflux® magnetic belt is a naturally effective solution to dorsal and lumbar discomfort due to the combined action of : 16 large and powerful neodymium magnets,... ACTIPOL® Magnetic Bed Set ACTIPOL® Magnetic Bed Set The ACTIPOL® Magnetic Bed Set acts on 3 levels : Restoring the north/south axis The ACTIPOL® set places the bed in the good magnetic North-South axis without moving your... Magnetic Ankle Band Wondermag® Magnetic Ankle Band Wondermag® There are many known foot and ankle diseases and even the smallest pain or inflammaton can be crippling. The Wondermag® Magnetic Ankle Band provides : . Flexibility to... Medimag® Titanium 15 mm Medimag® Titanium 15 mm Easy-to-use and highly effective, these Medimag 15 mm spot magnets will be your best joint and muscle comfort companions. Advantages : titanium coating to prevent risks... Medimag® Titanium 3D Set Medimag® Titanium 3D Set The Medimag® Titanium 3D set is the essential choice for the familly, containing a total of 18 Medimag therapy magnets in three different sizes. It provides an effective... Magnetic Knee Wrap Wondermag® - New Model Magnetic Knee Wrap Wondermag® - New Model When your knee is weakened, swollen or painful, the Wondermag® knee support can be a real help. What makes it essential : 18 powerful neodymium magnets, 3300 Gauss each...
Magnetic Knee Support Band Actiflux® - New Model Magnetic Knee Support Band Actiflux® - New Model The Actiflux® knee support band multiplies the benefits : 14 perfectly positioned powerful magnets - Kneecap silicone ring to provide gentle massage and excellent... Magnetic Back Belt Wondermag® - New model Magnetic Back Belt Wondermag® - New model This new Wondermag® magnetic back belt combines efficiency, aesthetics and comfort - 32 powerful neodymium magnets - 3300 Gauss to 3500 Gauss each - Light compression... Magnetic Leather Insoles Pediflux®  - Reflex Magnetic Leather Insoles Pediflux® - Reflex The 2x5 cleverly positioned neodymium magnets in this Pediflux Reflex Laether Insole help the metabolism and in particular the liver, the stomach, the kidneys, the... Magnetic Bottle Holder (large model) Magnetic Bottle Holder (large model) These removable, adjustable magnetic bottle holder sleeves enable you to magnetize your drinks rapidly wherever you are. Due to the strategically placed neodymium... Magnetic Carpal Tunnel Bandage Wondermag® Magnetic Carpal Tunnel Bandage Wondermag® When tissues in the carpal tunnel, such as the ligaments and the tendons, swell and become inflamed, they put pressure on the median nerve causing numbness and hand... Magnetic Toe Rings Magnetic Toe Rings Flexible and comfortable, almost invisible, the magnetic toe ring exerts pressure at each step and magnetic stimulation under your big toe. In acupuncture, this is the...
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Auris therapy magnets : the natural alternative to pain. Today it is acknoledged that magnetic therapy can achieve excellent results for joint and muscle problems, which are often chronic and not responded to treatment. Auris has magnets to :