The Natural Alternative to Joint and Muscle Pain

Relieve your joint and muscle pain thanks to magnetic therapy. Auris, magnetic therapy specialist proposes a wide range of magnetic therapy products to get a good night's sleep, to maintain or regain your overall wellbeing and to relieve joint pain. Check out also Auris' magnetic beauty range. Auris has also developed a whole range of magnetic products for your horse, dogs & cats and even for honey bees...

MAGNETO-ACTIVE BODY SUPPORTS MAGNETO-ACTIVE BODY SUPPORTS Light compression magneto-active body supports designed to make you more flexible and move more freely. Intelligent, they work naturally for your well-being day and night. Made in France. THERAPY MAGNET SETS THERAPY MAGNET SETS High-energy neodymium magnets available in different sizes for effective and targeted action. Titanium coating for maximum biocompatibility. THERAPY MAGNETS AND SPORT THERAPY MAGNETS AND SPORT The power of our therapeutic magnets in the service of all athletes, pro or amateur. MAGNETIC THERAPY & SLEEP MAGNETIC THERAPY & SLEEP To recreate the magnetic homeostasis of the body and a healthy magnetic environement for quality sleep. MAGNETIC THERAPY & HYDRATION MAGNETIC THERAPY & HYDRATION Restore the water's natural properties, just like when spring water running underground in close proximity of the Earth's magnetic field. BEAUTY / SLIMMING MAGNETS BEAUTY / SLIMMING MAGNETS Placed on reflexology or acupuncture points or integrated in beauty masks, the Auris magnets guarantee natural beauty. FOOT CARE FOOT CARE Very rich in nerve endings, the foot is also essential to the balance of the walking. A good reason for taking good care of it with our original and highly effective magnetic range. PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY - PEMFT PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY - PEMFT Pulsed electromagnetic field machines used for arthritis, tendonitis, back pain, neck pain and other neuralgia. MAGNETIC THERAPY AND ANIMALS MAGNETIC THERAPY AND ANIMALS A complete range for dogs, cats, horses and even bees without mental barriers, they love magnetic therapy! MAGNETIC JEWELLERY MAGNETIC JEWELLERY Esthetic, magnetic, beneficial COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS For a well-balanced everyday life, enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, green teas and so much more. HOME & WELL-BEING HOME & WELL-BEING Between ecology and economy the well-being is a philosophy of body and spirit. Auris proposes plenty of ideas so that everyone can imagine his/hers.
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Auris therapy magnets : the natural alternative to pain. Today it is acknoledged that magnetic therapy can achieve excellent results for joint and muscle problems, which are often chronic and not responded to treatment. Auris has magnets to :

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