The comfort & support of the "Made in France" elastic knitting

The microfibre provides maximum comfort and has thermo-regulation qualities. The covered elastodiene combined with Lycra provides support and at the same time due to its elacticity will allow you to move freely in your daily life. The ergonomic shapes of the body wraps are designed to give you maximum support without compression. The magnets are perfectly positioned for targeted action.

The new Actiflux and Wondermag range use a patented technology, which provides the body supports with exceptional anatomical features. The combination of the breathable 3D medical knitting and the large, powerful neodymium magnets make the new body supports highly effective. The best of the magnetic therapy.

Magnetic therapy neck collar
Magnetic Neck Collar Wondermag®
£34,50 £24,15
Magnetic therapy neck & back support
Small Magnetic Back Support Actiflux®
£41,90 £29,33
Large magnetic therapy back support  Actiflux
Large Magnetic Back Support Actiflux®
£49,90 £37,43