Since 1996 AURIS has designed and developed a unique range of magnetic therapy products, dedicated to the well-being of humans, animals and home.

    Thanks to its dynamism, its professional approach, and its high quality products Auris has become the leader in magnetic therapy.

    AURIS, a philosophy

    Natural, global, responsible and environment-friendly healthcare. Traces of medicines (antibiotics, antidepressants and contraceptives) are present in rivers and ground water, water-treatment plants being unable to eliminate them entirely.

    AURIS makes the analgesic, moisturizing and relaxing benefits of constant magnetic fields available to all.

    A successful company

    Founded in 1996 by Monique Vial (naturopath) and Claude Boursse (physicist), on the concept of using permanent magnets for therapeutic purposes, AURIS is today the European leader in this market. Constantly growing, AURIS is one of the most successful French biotechnology companies.

    With several regional awards, in 2005 AURIS  was ranked 252nd in the European FAST 500 Deloitte, and in 2006 received the “Entreprise Gazelle” company label awarded to the top 2,000 French companies with the highest growth in 2003 and 2004.

    Auris was awarded with the international trophy in 2012 by "La tribune - Le progrès"  (french journal).

    Today, with our increasingly health-conscious population, AURIS has more than 450,000 customers, and a 23% increase in sales, giving AURIS a €5.1 million turnover.

    Competitive strategy

    With its constantly-evolving, wide range of magnetic therapy products and its strategy of high quality products at affordable prices, AURIS has become a reference on the magnet therapy market.

    AURIS is well established on the well-being market, with varied and complementary distribution channels such as mail-order, 4 AURIS Stores in Paris, Lyon, Lille and Saint-Etienne, the development of online sales through our website, and a growing network of retailers.

    A Natural and Permanent Concept

    The use of magnets has been known since antiquity but it was only in the 1980s with the discovery of neodymium magnets that the non-invasive method of magnet therapy fully developed. The power of these compact magnets allows easy and efficient use.

    AURIS is focused on research and innovation and has the widest range of magnet therapy products, based on 4 main themes:

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