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    Coffret Magnets 3800Coffret Magnets 12200Magnetic therapy to restore the energy balance of the body

    In the Chinese energy conception, health is found in the subtle balance between the Yin and Yang which circulate in energy lines called meridians, linking together organs or entrails.


    Global health lies in considering the human being as a whole, body, mind and spirit and not in merely treating the symptoms.

    Emotions engender disruptive energy movements which can more or less durably block circulation in the organs, particularly in the liver. One of the physiological roles of the liver is to drain emotions and to regulate feelings. For example, in the case of distress, anger makes energy move up the body and brings on a stroke.

    Restoring your energy balance daily - by making functioning the organs and circulation in the meridians more efficiently - helps to reinforce the process of natural healing and to regulate and harmonize emotions. It also encourages relaxation.

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