Your questions, our answers concerning magnetic therapy and the use of therapy magnets

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    2. What to expect from magnet therapy

    2.01. What is magnet therapy?

    It is the use of the continuous magnetic fields for therapeutic purposes.

    2.02. What are the main benefits of the magnets ?

    They are remarkable : pain relief, restoring energy balance, magnetizing liquids specially water.

    2.03. What kind of problems can be treated ?

    Every kind or almost. Magnet therapy helps to relieve joint, muscle and rheumatic pains, circulatory disorders, head aches, tooth aches, sore throat, digestive or intestinal disorders, and the list is not exhaustive.

    2.04. Is it within the reach of all?

    Yes, magnet therapy is a simple and effective, not expensive, not invasive method, within the reach of each and without any side effect.

    2.05. Is it really effective?

    Yes, the magnet therapy is really effective, it helps to fight numerous troubles of the everyday life, to restore energy balance, which is indispensable to good health and to restore life in the water for the biggest benefits of our cells.

    2.06. How long do I need to magnetise water?

    As usual with magnets, there is a minimum time required, but no maximum. For a 1.5l bottle count 15 minutes. Very important! Do not warm water after magnetization, it would lose its properties; it is valid for all the liquids.

    2.07. How long the magnets last?

    The remanence of magnets is permanent, their "life time" is not bound to the frequency nor to the time of use. That is why we speak about permanent magnets.

    2.08. Can I apply magnets to several parts of the body ?

    Yes! You can very well combine sessions of energetic rebalancing + local applications. In other words, you can have magnets on the knee, in the back, on a wrist, etc. at the same time.

    2.09. Which polarity to choose ?

    It is not really the question, because the magnetic energy has the same properties, whether it's north or south. The importance is to use magnets by pairs, the North and the South on both sides of the pain so that the lines of field cross this zone. It is necessary to increase the number of pairs of magnets according to the zone to be covered.

    2.10. Yes, but I've read or heard the opposite...

    In fact, "the literature" dealing with magnets often mention preconceived ideas. A perfect example is the choice of polarity. It is not because several authors reproduce the same error from one book to an other that they are right and the errors become the truth!

    2.11. What does "field on contact" mean ?

    This is the magnetic energy released by the magnet on its surface, and so it will be also on skin contact. The thicker the magnet is, the stronger the "field on contact" will be. The larger the magnet is, the more the "field on contact" will be spread.

    2.12. What does the term remanence (Br) mean ?

    The remanence (Br) indicates the capacity of the material to store magnetic energy. Therefore this is the quantity of the magnetism that the material will stock after being magnetised in a closed circuit till saturation. Remanence is measured in Gauss or in Tesla. 1 Tesla = 10 000 Gauss)

    2.13. What is the difference between "field on contact" and remanence ?

    Remanence characterizes the magnetic material itself, 3800 Gauss indicate the remanence of ferrite magnet and 12 200 Gauss that of the neodymium magnet. The "field on contact" of course depends on the remanence, but also on the size of the magnet, which means its diameter and thickness. Remanence and "field on contact" are the only characteristics that help you compare magnets and be a well informed customer.

    2.14. Where to find these two information ?

    "Field on contact" and remanence are two characteristic that should be indicated. These two information helping you compare the different products and making you a well-informed customer.

    2.15. I heard about bio-magnets...What are they ?

    Biomagnet is only a marketing term. Be alerted when this term is used. Magnets do not grow in fields, therefore bio is not a proper term to use.

    2.16. I heard about 45 000 Gauss magnets ?

    Be careful about tendentious advertising : 45 magnets of 1000 Gauss remanence on contact do not make a 45 000 Gauss magnet ! It only means that 1000 Gauss is applied on a 45 times larger surface.

    2.17. And the new multi-polar magnets ?

    Multi-pole does not mean multiplied effects, but rather the opposite ! There is nothing new about it and it's known since ages ... it helps magnetic fixation. As their magnetic field is too closed, they have no therapeutic interest.

    2.18. How to clean my magnets ?

    The simpliest way possible : under soapy water or with a cotton soaked with modified alcohol. See instructions for use.

    3. Pratical questions

    3.01. Can I have several magnets placed on several parts of the body at the same time ?

    Yes, remember that the magnetic field declines with distance, therefore magnets have a very intesive effect on a precise point. For the same reason it is recommanded to place several pairs of magnets to treat effectively large painful areas.

    3.02. Can I take a shower or a bath with my magnets?

    Yes, magnets do not loose their efficiency under water, but you should check the plaster which can peel off.

    3.03. How long should I keep my magnets ?

    It depends on your receptivity, the duration and the intesity of the pain. In general, allow 8 to 10 days.

    3.04. Should I apply the North or the South side ?

    Neither of them; rather both at the same time. Determine by palpation the epicenter of the pain and place one or several pairs of magnets alternately (north and south) on both sides of the pain. This is the Auris method. The magnetic field has the same quality regardless if it is north or south.

    3.05. What distance should I keep between my two magnets ?

    Keep approximately 3 to 5 cm between two 10 mm diameter Medimag Gold magnets, 5 to 8 cm between two 15 mm diameter Super Medimag magnets, and 8 to 12 cm between two 25 mm diameter Medimag Ultra magnets.

    3.06. Are magnets dangerous ?

    Non, because here we talk about continuous magnetic field and the continuous magnetic field is neither harmful nor dangereux. If in 1957, the Japanese Nakagawa identified the "magnetic deficiency syndrome " responsible for - according to him - numerous troubles and pain, nobody identified a magnetic overdose syndrome, rather the opposite!

    3.07. Everybody can use magnets ?

    Yes, without any restriction, except for pacemaker wearers. By precaution, usually magnets are not recommended during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

    3.08. Does it work ?

    Magnets work and there is neither contraindication nor side effects. Magnet therapy is a non invasive method, in the worst case you will not obtain all the relief you have expected, but you have no undesired side effects.

    3.09. Which magnets should I choose ?

    It depends ! Magnets that can be fixed directly onto the skin with a plaster give a large flexibility of use (knee, back, shoulder, hands etc.), but you need the plasters to go with. Furthermore when you are alone, it can be difficult to put them on the back or shoulders. The textile range offers the same guarantee of efficiency, but it is more practical to use for certain areas such as on the back or on the shoulders. However it offers less diversity of use, a knee pad can only be used for the knee. So your choice does not depend on the efficency of the magnets - all Auris magnets has the same efficency - but it is rather a question of personal choice linked to the desired usage.

    3.10. How long a energy rebalancing seance should last ?

    An average is 20 minutes, but it is necessary to adapt individually and always to remember that there is a minimum recommended time, but there is no maximmum. You can reduce the time of the session to a minimum of 10 minutes, when using neodymium magnets.

    3.11. How long should I use the magnetic discs ?

    From a few hours to 8/10 days, beyond let the skin breath where the plasters was placed and start again the treatment two days later.

    3.12. I don't dare to use magnets ...

    Don't be afraid of their power. It is necessary to obtain results. Remember that the magnetic field declines with distance. If we want the magnets to act in depth, we need high power on the surface of the skin. The magnetic field emitted by the magnets is continuous, there is no risk of "magnetic overdose".

    3.13. How to choose my magnets ?

    Choose the one that is the most practical for you. In general, you should choose one among the most powerful magnets, which is easy to use and place on the painful area.

    4. Is there any contraindication ?

    4.01. I breastfeed my baby, can I drink magnetised water and use magnets?

    Yes, without any limitation. Magnetised water finds its natural characteristics, just like when it arrives from a source after running through the earth's magnetic field. Magnet therapy brings overall well-being and vitality.

    4.02. I am spasmophile.

    Magnet therapy is a precious help in this case. It helps to relax muscles and calms anxiety. Restoring energy balance makes wonders, do not be a victim of your own mental limitations.

    4.03. I have heart problems.

    Magnetic field produced by magnets are continuous, therefore you can resort to magnet therapy with serenity. By precaution, do not apply magnets on the chest area.

    4.04. I wear a pacemaker.

    The same answer, but in this case, it is formally forbidden to place a magnet on the chest because the pacemaker contains a magnetic contactor used for its control. By precaution please consult your cardiologist.

    4.05. I have a prosthesis, surgical screws or bone plates.

    You can use magnets, prostheses are made in the last 30 years in non-magnetic materials such as stainless steel or titanium. They will not move your prosthesis but will relieve your pains. The same answer for surgical screws and bone plates.

    4.06. I have an intrauterine contraceptive device.

    There is no "interference" to be afraid of between contraceptive device and magnets.

    4.07. Can I wear magnets and go through airport security gates and supermarket anti-theft detectors?

    Magnets do not activate stores' anti-theft systems. You can also take the plane with your magnets without having problems in airports. However, to avoid any questions of the airport security staffs, it's better to place 12 200 gauss magnets in your suitcase. Magnets are still considered as "dangerous" by the civil aviation as they were when pilots had navigated with compass!

    4.08. Can magnetotherapy be used for children?

    Yes, the time of application must be adapted to the age and to the behavior of the child. Attention, risks of pinching skin.

    4.09. Can it be used for animals, too?

    As animals have no mental barriers, the results can be even more surprising.

    5. Shopping guide

    5.01. I don't know which magnets to choose....

    First of all the choice depends on your expectation. Every product has its advantages and its inconveniences. Like magnets that fixes on the skin with adhesives are used on all the parts of the body. They are thus very practical, but it is necessary to renew regularly the adhesive, and putting the pastilles on certain parts of the body, like on the back or on the shoulder can be difficult when you are alone.

    5.02. Are they all so effective?

    Yes, all magnetic products present the same efficiency, your choice should depend more on the criteria of personal use.

    5.03. How to make a good choice?

    Generally speaking, when magnets are integrated in textile, you put the headband, the kneepad, the carpal bandage, etc. and you do not worry about positioning the magnets, it is "ready to use".
    The most:
    - everything is already included.

    The Medimag®, Duo®, Quattro® work with adhesives, can be placed on all parts of the body, but it is necessary to respect the positioning by pair.
    The most:
    - you can treat all part of the body.

    5.04. What is the difference between the Actiflux® waistband,Wondermag Silhouette® belt and Actiflux® waist support?

    The difference is not in their efficiency, every belt has its advantages and its inconveniences:

    The waistband is light, the capsules can be fixed in pairs exactly where needed, it can be placed higher or lower on your hips.
    The most :
    - it adapts to all needs.

    The least :
    - it is the same height on all the length, in sitting position, it tends to roll down on the belly.

    Silhouette® belt is light and discreet under a garment.
    The most :
    - with its 10 magnets in front of, it is very useful for the abdominal pains and the intestinal problems.

    The least : 
    - the back is not very high

    The Actiflux® waist support has 8 Actiflux® capsules that you can place according to your needs.
    The most : 
    - a good holding thanks to the elastic knitting and to the Meryl fiber

    The least :
    - it is less discreet under a garment.

    5.05. What is the difference between the Wondermag® and the Actiflux® knee bands?

    The textile itself. The Wondermag® knee band contains 24 neodymium magnets (0.5" diameter),
    The most:
    - its lightness,

    The least : 
    - moderate holding and elasticity

    The Actiflux® knee wrap contains 8 neodymium magnets (1" diameter)
    The most : 
    - Elastic knitting, better holding and elasticity

    5.06. What is the difference between the Wondermag® and the Actiflux® neck support ?

    The Actiflux® neck support is more like a Minerva collar. It will serve for pains situated in the nape of the neck.
    The Wondermag® neck support will be more effective to relieve trapezius pain. Do not forget that the magnetic field decreases with distance, it is thus necessary to place magnets as close as possible to the painful area.

    5.07. Which product should I choose to magnetise water?

    Bottle holders, water pitchers, cups, trays or coasters : they are all great to magnetise your bevarages; simply choose the one that fits best your needs.
    If you drink a lot of tea or herb tea, you better take a ceramic or stainless steel cup. It's you to choose.
    If you want to magnetise several bottles at a time, the wooden board will be more adapted to your needs. You can also use this board to magnetise your fruits and vegetables.
    The coaster is perfect to use at work, the water picher to put on your dining table,the lagon flask on the move to keep your drinks warm.
    The bottle holder is ideal to use at home, in the office or while you are on the move.
    The magnetisation time is indicated on the packaging of each of these items or in the instructions for use; consider an avarage of 15 minutes minimum, there is no time limit for magnetisation.

    5.08. Can I put my bottle holder, cup, magnetic board, pitcher in the fridge?

    Yes, without any problem. Although heating can damage magnets, they are not sensible to cold.

    5.09. Can I heat magnetised water ?

    No,once water is heated it loses its properties and you will need to magnetise again. In other words, make your tea or herb tea first and then magnetise it.

    5.10. There are a lot of choices, I don't know what to take ...

    Check for the simplest and easiest use. The best choice would be the item that you could use every day.
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