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    Did you know that water is the main component of the human body (45 litres for a 70 kg adult), and that its percentage varies according to age and corpulence, and from one organ to the other. Dentine contains 1% of water, while blood plasma about 90% . Beside blood, the organs with most water content are the heart and the brain (80% for the last one).

    Most of the water in the body can be found inside the cells, another part occupies the intercellular space and is used as a reserve for the cells and blood vessels, the rest is in the blood and the lymph and constantly circulates throughout the body.

    This water circulation is needed for all physiological functions, for example blood circulation, hydration of tissues (particularly the skin), digestion of food, thermo regulation and hormonal communication between organs.

    Called “wonderful water” or “wonder water”, magnetised water has the same properties as natural spring water that is running under-ground through rocks and comes in contact with the Earth’s magnetic field. In fact, the analysis of magnetised water has shown a change in its molecules that gets closer to the pure and fresh spring water’s properties. Water becomes more moisturizing, since magnetisation reduces its surface tension, it can dissolve more gas, especially oxygen, which becomes more accessible to intercellular exchanges and cell renewal.

    The diuretic properties of magnetised water help discard toxins and drain your body, which can be very useful when you are following a weight loss diet, or after being under medical treatment.

    Magnetised water helps to drain, to regulate and to improve overall body functioning by stimulating blood circulation and therefore providing increased oxygen level to the organs and tissues.

    External use : magnetic water allows treating eye infections and certain skin problems, such as eczema, shingles and other skin redness.

    For healthy hydration - which is essetial to good health - drink magnetized water!

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