Auris Magnets, a law of physics !

    Today it is acknowledged that Magnet Therapy can achieve excellent results for joint and muscular problems, which are often chronic and have not responded to treatment. Auris has designed magnetic products to relieve pain naturally, restore the body's energy balance, magnetize water and so much more.

    A natural analgesic

    What is magnetic therapy ?
    Magnetic therapy is the use of magnetic fields for therapeutic puposes.

    Blood vessel placed in magnetic field

    Faraday's law or how the body makes its own morphine

    Magnetic induction is a physical phenomenon that occurs when an electrical current passes through a conductor as it moves in a magnetic field. This phenomenon is described by Faraday’s law, sometimes referred to as “the 3 fingers of the right hand rule”. It explores the relationship between the direction of the electrical force, the direction of the moving conductor and the orientation of the static magnetic field. When we apply magnets to the skin, the blood becomes the moving conductor, and therefore where the electrical charges are produced. These electrical charges cause the natural pain relieving substances to be produced.

    AURIS® therapy magnets - the best of the magnetic therapy

    Auris has chosen the latest generation of neodymium magnets due to their high magnetic performance.  These they have then either combined with kneepads, belts or neck supports (the Actiflux® or Wondermag® range) or developed as magnets that can be placed directly on the skin using adhesive pads (Medimag® range).

    Each of these treatments is highly effective and it is simply a question of choosing the type that best suits your own requirements, that is the one that you will use and not end up hidden away in a cupboard.

    Discover the Medimag® therapy magnet range

    Medimag® therapy magnet range

    Therapy magnets on the shoulder

    Therapy magnets on shoulder

    Therapy magnets on the knee

    Therapy magnets on knee

    Advice from an expert

    Monique Vial answers
    your questions

    What can magnetic therapy do for me ? Pain relief, greater flexibility, more mobility, better sleep quality, more efficient hydration, restore the body's energy balance and so much more...

    Does it work ? Yes, as long as you use enough magnets and keep them in place for the correct period of time, which is between 2 and 10 days depending on how long you have been experiencing pain, its intensity and how quickly your body reacts.

    How do I know which magnet suits me ? The right magnet for you will be the one that you will want to use on a regular basis.  Auris therapeutic magnets are available in two varieties. The Medimag range can be applied directly on to the skin using an adhesive pad and so may be used for all areas of the body. However, using adhesive pads on a long-term basis can be difficult, especially if they are to be applied to your back and you have no one to assist you. The Actiflux® and Wondermag® ranges are more practical in that the magnet is housed within a material pad, but a knee pad, for example, can only be used on the knee. Whether you choose Medimag, Actiflux® or Wondermag®, you will be impressed by the quality and effectiveness of Auris’ magnets.

    How to choose which Medimag spot magnet to use ? Spot magnets are available in four different diameters : 0.4'' (11 mm), 0.6'' (15 mm), 1'' (25 mm) and 1.3'' (32 mm). Medimag 11 mm magnets are recommended for a finger or a toe, the 15 mm (Super Medimag) for the wrist for example, the 25 mm (Medimag Ultra) for the back or shoulder and the 32 mm (Quantum) for very acute pain and large areas.

    Can I have several magnets on different parts of my body at the same time ? Yes, for example, the neck support collar and the magnet knee pad can be worn together or you can wear the Medimag spot magnets and Actipol® Sleep Bedset at the same time.

    Can I reuse my magnets ? Yes, whether you use them once in a while or on a daily basis, Auris magnets can be reused either by yourself or family members.

    What is the life expectancy of MEDIMAG® magnets ? As they only lose 4% of their power every 40 years, we can say that they are permanent magnets. However, even if the remanence of the magnet is long-lasting, the fabric or any other material used to fix them on to the skin will eventually wear out.

    How to position magnets ? Always position them in pairs, first applying the north side marked with an N on to the skin using the adhesive pad and then the south side (without a marking) in the same way. Continue doing this until the area to be treated is completely covered.  Always ensure that there is 5 to 7 cm between each magnet to stop them from being attracted to each other and therefore moving.Safety and Care Instructions: you should not play with your magnets as magnets store every small knock and will eventually break in the same way as glass does.  They should be handled with care in the same way as any instrument used for therapeutic treatment.

    How long should I keep the MEDIMAG® Magnets on my body ? It is difficult to give a precise answer as it depends on your own body’s ability to deal with pain, the length of time you have had the pain and your lifestyle. In general, it takes 3 to 5 days to receive some relief, but this length of time is only indicative and can be shorter or longer.  However in any case you can remove the magnets once the desired results have been obtained.  If the pain returns you should reapply them.

    How to magnetize water ? Magnetized water is one of the linchpins of magnet therapy and the keystone of good health. It is based on the notion of restoring the water’s natural structure as if it had been running underground for a long time in close proximity of the Earth’s magnetic field. Any water or liquid can be magnetized, you just have to put the container (glass, bottle, carafe, etc.) in contact with a magnet. The time required to achieve magnetization depends on the volume of water and on the magnet system that has been chosen. On average you should allow 10 minutes if you use the magnetic bottle holder sleeve and 2 hours for the Magnets 3800 Set.

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