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    The results obtained are personal and may vary from one individual to another, according to the intenstiy of the pain or suffering. All the testimonials published on this page are genuine and are available to the public.

    Mag 2000® Plus A quality product that really works

    Mr. Thomas  G. from BLAENAU FFESTINIOG (LL)

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    I have severe osteo arthritis in most joints and I was surprised to find significant improvement in movement and pain relief in joints that have been affected for many years after six treatments with the Mag2000plus

    Magnetic horse blanket

    Mr. Brett  C. from STAFFORD (ST)

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    I used this magnetic horse blanket throughout the trip to Italy for the Earopean championship and it was a vital piece of kit that I don't know what I would of done without.
    I have not been using Auris magnetic blanket a huge amount of time but the time I have been using it I have seen a massive difference within my horses.
    My horses have been so much more supple as the magnetic blanket increases the blood flow to the muscles and helps any aches or pains that may have occured. With working horses they are prone to these like any athlete so Auris magnetic products are a great way to prevent and solve these problems.
    Another massive benefit I found was when I was competing in Italy I used the magnetic rug pre exercise and when I got on the horse they felt already warmed up which really made me realize how useful the products are.
    After a training session or competition I put the magnetic rug on for recovery and I find my horses recover at least twice as fast if they were just left with nothing on them which gave me a massive advantage over my opponents as I can train twice as hard as my horses recover twice as fast.

    The first time I applied Auris products I was shocked as my horses fell to sleep which they never usually do...I see this as a sign of pain relief and showing the horses enjoy the magnetic therapy.
    As the Auris magnets are removable from the rug you can focus on one area that may show signs of pain.
    I am proud to say I use Auris magnetics and would recommend them to everyone they are such a valuable piece of kit to have.

    Magnetic Knee Wrap Wondermag® - New Model

    Mr. Charles  S. from KETTERING (NN)

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    This has done wonders - in 7 days my knee was notably reduced & still the benefits continue even though I only use at night now! Totally brilliant product - A life-Changer!! Thank you Auris!!!

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